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Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services for Public and Municipal Clients

Roux provides a wide range of environmental consulting and engineering services to public and municipal clients including local and state governments, as well as public sector entities, such as schools, hospitals, and transportation authorities. Our nationwide team of professionals have extensive experience in the following areas:

Capital Projects Environmental Support: In addition to directly supporting public and municipal entities, Roux provides environmental services to heavy construction companies and Design-Build Teams on large, publicly funded infrastructure projects. Services typically include site investigation, remedial design, in situ waste characterization, and construction oversight.

Environmental Site Assessment and Restoration: Providing environmental assessments of public and municipal facilities, including buildings, parks, and transportation infrastructure. These assessments can identify potential environmental risks and provide recommendations for mitigation and remediation.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance: Supporting public and municipal entities to comply with various environmental regulations, such as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Roux can help these entities navigate complex regulations and ensure compliance, which reduces the risk of fines and penalties.

Grant Funding: Public and municipal entities can apply for grant funding for environmental initiatives, such as energy efficiency upgrades or pollution prevention measures. Environmental consulting services can help these entities identify and apply for grant opportunities, which can provide additional funding for these initiatives.

Hazardous Materials Management: Many public and municipal entities own facilities where soil and groundwater are impacted by hazardous materials. Roux’s environmental consulting can provide hazardous materials management services, including site assessment and remediation.

Public Utilities: Municipalities are expected to provide top-notch public utilities to their residents, but encounter hurdles in securing adept technical personnel, enduring infrastructure requirements, and balancing financial considerations. Collaborating with Roux, a private partner, can support public utilities by providing specialized expertise and guidance in managing utility-related environmental concerns.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives: Many public and municipal entities have sustainability and green initiatives in place to reduce their environmental impact. Roux’s support services can help develop and implement these initiatives, which can reduce costs and improve an entity’s public image.

Public sector organizations improve our infrastructure, economy, and overall society. Because of this, our work with these organizations ultimately creates a lasting, positive impact on our communities. We work with a diverse set of valued clients across multiple sectors to achieve results, and we’re proud of the advancements our projects provide.

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