Economic & Complex Analytics (ECA)

Evaluating the Impact of Environmental, Product, and Litigation Risk

Roux’s ECA team is nationally recognized for its expertise in helping clients evaluate the legal, scientific, and financial risks associated with environmental, mass tort, and product liability litigation.

Our ECA professionals provide strategic consulting and expert services that assist clients identify, quantify, forecast, and mitigate current and emerging environmental, toxic tort, and product litigation risks. Our collective expertise has been leveraged in complex insurance coverage disputes, arbitrations, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reserve disclosures, financial due diligence, bankruptcy reorganizations, underlying claim evaluations, and public policy initiatives. ECA experts have analyzed a diverse set of environmental and product liability risks, including asbestos, benzene, talc, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), diacetyl, silica, isocyanate, pharmaceutical and medical devices, opioids, glyphosate, natural resource damages, water contamination, sports-related head trauma, tobacco litigation, and various other forms of environmental toxins and deleterious substances. Overall, our analysts work to reduce risks for our clients through better forecasting and predictive modeling.

Practice Area Leader

Marc C. Scarcella
Principal, Economic & Complex Analytics
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Areas of Expertise
  • Asbestos & Asbestos Bankruptcy
  • Insurance Coverage/Allocation
  • SEC Financial Reporting
  • Insurer Claims Forecasting & Reserving
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
  • Economic Loss & Damage Estimation
  • Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Public Policy Analytics
  • Business Interruption and Catastrophic Loss
Related Services/Tools
  • Microsimulation Modeling
  • Decision Analysis
  • Applied Economics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Forecasting & Predictive Modeling
  • Claim File Audit & Reviews



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Expert Opinion Topics
  • Forecasting future incidence of latent disease, associated claims, and expenditures for litigation management, insurance reserving, SEC financial reporting disclosures, and bankruptcy reorganization
  • Insurance allocation of environmental and product-related losses in coverage disputes, coverage-in-place negotiations, excess policy buyouts, SEC financial reporting disclosures, and bankruptcy reorganization
  • Expert report and testimony for analysis related to asbestos bankruptcy trust exposures and recoveries
  • Establishing auditing procedures and claim file reviews of underlying cases to measure accuracy and reasonableness
  • Long-term discounted cash flow modeling to measure liquidity and solvency risks for distressed companies and asbestos bankruptcy trusts
  • Strategic analysis of litigation tactics and associated costs relating to mass torts
  • Contingent liability forecasting for environmental damages
  • Economic valuation of loss associated with personal injury and wrongful death cases
  • Tort reform and legislative analysis and testimony