Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Roux is dedicated to maintaining an active CSR program.

We encourage employee involvement in volunteer and charitable activities in the surrounding community both with Roux and independently.

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This report is designed to inform our clients, communities, and the public of Roux’s ongoing commitment to social, environmental, and charitable endeavors.

Under Roux’s CSR program, there are a variety of topics of interest in addition to charitable donations including elements that ensure the safety, diversity/inclusion, mentorship, and general sustainability of the entire Roux family.

The CSR program directs financial donations and volunteer activities to established charities aligned with the goals of bettering our local communities. In addition, we focus on organizations that improve conditions in poor and developing countries and conserve natural resources. Roux has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of volunteer time to charitable causes. Each Roux office focuses on the needs of the surrounding community, addressing them with donations, hard work, and commitment. We incorporate service initiative into our corporate culture.

Roux has many longstanding partnerships with non-profit organizations, such as Pure Earth, who aligns with governments, communities, and industry leaders to identify and implement solutions that stop toxic exposures, protect health, and restore environments. Roux's focus on Pure Earth starts at the top of the organization with Roux’s founder, Paul Roux, who is a board member, and allows our firm to uphold both CSR and sustainable initiatives.

Habitat for Humanity Build Day - Logan Township, New Jersey Office
HeartWorks Softball Tournament – Long Beach, California Office
Dunk Tank & Cornhole Tournament – Islandia, New York Office
Community FoodBank of New Jersey – Islandia, New York and Somerset, New Jersey Offices
Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon - Woburn, Massachusetts Office
TD Five Boro Bike Tour – Islandia, New York Office
Clothes the Deal - Long Beach, California Office
Ronald McDonald House - Oak Brook, Illinois Office

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more about Roux’s CSR program, please call our corporate headquarters in New York at (631) 232-2600.