Engineering & Remediation Services

Designing Custom Solutions to a Wide Range of Environmental Issues

Roux provides engineering design and permitting services to private industry and public entities. We provide engineering solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and minimize risk. Roux approaches each project from a client perspective and solutions are designed to meet both operational objectives while also complying with regulatory requirements. Roux understands no two sites or clients are identical and each requires a unique approach to achieve project objectives.

Market Leader

Engineering Services
  • Site Remediation and Closure
    • Remedial Action Work Plan Preparation
    • Remedial Alternative Analyses
    • Remedial Cost Estimating and Scheduling
    • Bench and Pilot Scale Testing
    • Soil, Groundwater, and Soil Vapor Remediation System Design, Management, and Operation & Maintenance
    • Indoor Air Mitigation
    • Hazardous Building Materials Abatement
    • Bid Specifications Package Preparation and Contractor Selection Support
    • Construction Oversight, Air Monitoring and Support Services
    • Remedial Action Reporting and Closure Support


  • Infrastructure and Facilities Engineering
    • Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment Design
    • Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Evaluation and Optimization
    • Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Design
    • Potable Water Conveyance Systems
    • Stormwater Treatment System Design
    • Hazardous Waste Storage Systems and Containment Design
    • Decontamination and Demolition Support Services


  • Solid Waste Engineering
    • Landfill Closures and Capping Design and Redevelopment
    • Redevelopment of Landfills for beneficial use (e.g., Solar Array Installation Support)
    • Methane Mitigation
    • Leachate Collection and Treatment

The engineering and remediation services Roux provides on a regular basis apply across a multitude of markets and sectors—including manufacturing, real estate, and transportation—providing continuous project support from inception to completion.