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Roux was commissioned by STV as the Wetland Specialist for the design and monitoring of two stormwater treatment wetlands for the Longfellow Bridge Rehabilitation project. The stormwater treatment wetland systems were located adjacent to the Longfellow Bridge in Boston and Cambridge. Roux completed an evaluation of the initial stormwater design to verify the aesthetic goals and design objectives, as well as the applicability of using the proposed plant species for stormwater treatment, verifying that the design objectives for phosphorus removal would be met. Roux made recommendations for design alterations to improve the function and long-term performance of the wetlands.

Roux prepared separate final construction documents for the Cambridge and Boston subsurface treatment wetlands (SSTWs), including the final planting plans as well as detailed planting specifications in collaboration with Offshoots. Upon initiation of construction activities, Roux performed construction oversight for the planting. Monitoring of plant coverage within the two stormwater treatment wetlands will begin in 2019. Roux will perform field surveys to evaluate and document the survival rate of planted vegetation and document the presence of natural colonization.

This project is highly visible and will serve as a demonstration project for the effectiveness of natural treatment systems for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), and the use of green infrastructure for incorporation into roadway improvements. Photo Credit: STV

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