Environmental Sustainability

At Roux, our core business is solving our clients’ most challenging environmental problems.

We are committed, both as a company and as individuals, to protecting and restoring the natural environment.

Roux provides a broad spectrum of environmental services, covering both compliance and remediation, which are designed to enhance the sustainability of our clients’ environmental programs and activities. For example, our proven Engineered Natural Systems (ENS) designs provide our clients with highly sustainable alternatives to traditional water treatment systems.

Our firm has made a commitment to achieve an ever-higher level of environmental sustainability in our daily operations. To this end, we coordinate our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. Roux evaluates our current practices, including recycling, energy efficiency, and water conservation, and makes recommendations for enhancements and additional measures. As improvements are made, we track and report on our progress. At Roux we encourage all employees to become involved in these efforts both at work and at home.

We believe that helping to educate communities and community leaders will empower them to properly evaluate the sustainability issues that affect them and the most appropriate solutions to these problems. Roux’s approach to working toward the shared goal of sustainable practices involves supporting the next generation of scientists through our University Partnerships program, taking part in the education of community leaders, and being an active advocate for the environment, including through our work with the New York League of Conservation Voters for Education Fund and Pure Earth.