University Partnerships

To help find and attract the best employee candidates possible, Roux forms partnerships with a number of colleges and universities.

Roux is proud to announce our support for the City College of New York (CCNY) Charles B. Rangel Infrastructure Workforce Initiative, one of the 14 organizations to recently receive a USEPA grant for environmental job training programs. The Initiative plans to train 84 students and place at least 64 in environmental jobs, equipping historically underserved communities with in-demand brownfield assessment and redevelopment skills. Roux will be involved in the Initiative’s placement endeavors, attending career fairs and conducting student interviews. Learn more


Additionally, through the following partnerships, we provide co-op, internship, and scholarship opportunities, as well as fund research in environmental remediation and sustainability. Roux is currently partnering with the following schools:



Graduate-level research on new technologies applicable to environmental remediation and sustainability currently or recently supported by Roux include:


  • Exploring the efficacy of different plant species for the uptake of contaminants in constructed treatment wetlands;
  • Evaluating Zero Valent Iron as an in situ treatment medium for certain selected chemicals;
  • Evaluating constructed treatment wetlands for control of urban runoff.