Health & Safety

The health and safety of all employees is of paramount concern to our firm.

Health and safety is a basic responsibility not only for management at all levels—from the Chief Executive Officer to the first-line supervisor—but for each individual, regardless of position or job classification. Health and safety must be treated in the same professional manner as production, quality, marketing, cost control, or any other business fundamental.

Roux complies fully with all applicable laws and government regulations regarding employee health and safety. In addition, we will continue, or initiate where necessary, positive and forceful actions to ensure adequate employee health and safety by supplementing minimum established standards.

Roux utilizes management systems to ensure Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) compliance across all of our operations. We also have over a decade of experience in the implementation of behavior-based safety programs. Over that period, Roux has received multiple major oil company awards recognizing our flawless safety performance and effective application of such programs.

We have full-time Corporate Health and Safety Officers who audit all work sites, providing ongoing training and communications regarding safety matters. In addition, Roux is committed to using subcontractors who also have excellent Health and Safety programs and track records. Subcontractors are required to submit a Health and Safety Pre-Qualification Form (PQF) as part of the selection process for project work.

Attitude is the key factor in accident prevention. The company encourages all employees to develop a positive and continuing concern for safety, both at home and on the job.