Water Resources

Offering Sound Scientific Solutions to Water Resource Issues

Roux works with non-profit, public, and private sector clients in the analysis, management, and wise development of their water resources. Because of the complexities involved in managing water resources, those responsible for solving water supply issues and evaluating overall water needs require proven expertise. Roux combines field investigations, laboratory analyses including geochemical isotope analyses, and advanced two- and three-dimensional modeling techniques to conduct our investigations, analyses, and plan development.

Our experience includes evaluating site, watershed, and regional aquifer systems spanning multiple states. Roux routinely evaluates conditions related to groundwater-dependent ecosystems, including groundwater, surface water, and wetlands sampling and characterization; watershed assessments; spring source investigations; determining connectivity between aquifers; design and construction of production wells; and aquifer pumping evaluations.


Technical Director
Vice President/Principal Scientist
Principal, Economic & Complex Analytics
Principal Engineer/Office Manager
Principal Hydrogeologist
Principal Engineer
Andrea Berlinghof, PE
Senior Engineer
Rachel Maxwell
Senior Scientist
Josh Osborne, PG
Project Geologist
Related Services/Tools:
  • Geologic Mapping
  • Remote-sensing Analyses
  • Minerals Evaluations
Expert Opinion Topics:
  • Groundwater basin analyses
  • Evaluation of groundwater and surface water interactions
  • Surface water quality evaluation and watershed hydrology studies
  • Water use impact assessments
  • Mine hydrology investigations
  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • Groundwater fate and transport modeling
  • Spring sourcing and other forensic hydrologic analyses
  • Water supply planning and water resource development
  • Water rights permitting support
  • Design and construction of production wells
  • Mine water reclamation facility treatment plant design

Mojave Desert Spring Survey Report – 2023 Update

Coming in Spring 2023 will be an update to the Mojave Desert Spring Survey Report containing a complete record of hydrogeologic data pertaining to Mojave Desert springs including hydrogeologic, biological, and historical information, along with updated water rights information. Please fill out the form to receive this complimentary document in 2023, stay up to date on this important work, and receive email notifications.