Mercury Removal/Remediation from Water Purveyor Facility Equipment

Major California Water Purveyor; California


Roux provides on-call mercury remediation support during removal of elemental mercury from station equipment and vaults at multiple sites across California. As the program consultant, Roux communicates between the water purveyor client, the remediation contractor, and applicable regulatory agencies (where necessary), to coordinate, schedule, and document remedial activities. Roux develops a site-specific health and safety plan and a remediation work plan, assists with public outreach activities, oversees the implementation of remediation, and documents remedial activities. In the field, Roux’s team collects confirmation soil and air samples and conducts perimeter air monitoring during remediation work being performed by the water purveyor’s selected contractor. Following completion of remediation activities, Roux prepares a site-specific remedial action completion report for submittal to applicable regulatory agencies.

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Major California Water Purveyor

Roux Services

Mercury Remediation Support

Health and Safety Plan Development

Remediation Work Plan Development

Public Outreach

Soil and Air Sampling

Perimeter Air Monitoring

Remedial Action Completion Report Preparation