TCE Groundwater Plume Remedy Development and Funding

Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA); California


Roux worked with California State Drinking Water and Regulatory Staff, IEUA as the client, two municipalities, a Desalter Authority, and private parties to help fund, design, and negotiate resolution of a decades-long challenge posed by TCE in groundwater south of Ontario, California. Roux’s role was to work with other parties to perform technical aspects of treatment feasibility evaluation, NCP compliance, public participation, and obtain grant funding for this water treatment effort. Roux assisted in acquiring over $11M in grant funds to assist in leveraging an amicable settlement. The proposed remedy included adjusting the location of an already planned desalter well to optimize plume capture. Treatment included modification of an existing desalter plant’s decarbonation units to facilitate contaminant reduction through volatilization.

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Ontario, California


Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA)

Roux Services

Water Treatment/Feasibility Study

NCP Compliance

Grant Writing

Drinking Water Treatment