Ski Area Redevelopment and Water Supply

Major Ski Area; California


Roux provided hydrogeologic consultation services to assist a major ski area client with a proposed redevelopment project. The project includes using enhanced water treatment for maximum water reuse. Roux’s services focused on the critical aspect of an expanded sustainable domestic water supply to serve the proposed Main Lodge redevelopment and snowmaking water supply to secure resort operations against a changing climate in the eastern Sierra Nevada. A comprehensive hydrogeologic study was conducted by mapping and sampling springs across three subalpine watersheds to understand the connectivity of each watershed to the headwaters of the Owens River, as well as detailed aquifer modeling to evaluate potential effects of groundwater pumping in the watershed. Roux successfully installed a new domestic well and a new snowmaking well in the complex volcanic formations of the northern flank of Mammoth Mountain. Subsequent aquifer testing and groundwater quality analyses were conducted, and previous modeling analyses were updated.

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Mono County, California


Major Ski Area

Roux Services

Hydrogeologic Consultation

Spring Evaluations

Geochemical/Isotopic Investigation

Domestic/Snowmaking Water Well Exploration & Development

Aquifer Testing

Groundwater Modeling