Industrial Landfill Superfund Closure

Manufacturer; New York


Roux was the engineer-of-record for closure of a State Superfund site in Syracuse, New York. We provided complete remedial services at this 25-acre Site to cap an industrial landfill containing waste china and molds, and to remediate adjacent wetlands impacted with lead. Services included: pre-design activities to define landfill gas conditions and determine vertical and horizontal extents of waste; a complete remedial design including technical plans and specifications; construction management services; and long-term monitoring.

Roux conducted extensive negotiations with the regulators which resulted in substantial project cost reductions by:

• Obtaining several variances on typical cap cross-section design;
• Eliminating leachate control requirements; and
• Minimizing required wetlands remediation and restoration.

Roux also conducted negotiations to secure cost-effective sources of borrow soils for the cap, resulting in substantial savings for our client.

The entire project was fast-tracked to avoid possible government agency takeover of the project. Roux devised alternate regulatory protocols and deliverables to accelerate the design schedule to meet client and regulatory objectives. Roux’s construction management services for this project included managing a competitive bid and providing full-time onsite construction oversight for all landfill capping and remediation activities. Construction management at the Site included: oversight of day-to-day contractor operations; review of required contractor submittals and shop drawings; scheduling; reporting; budget tracking; interaction with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) representatives; and handling of field changes and change orders.

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