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Roux Complimentary Webinar: Why Site Remediation Doesn’t Need to be a Science Project

Posted on August 07, 2020

Why Site Remediation Doesn’t Need to be a Science Project

Presented by Robert F. Chimchirian, P.E., LSRP and Timothy V. Adams, P.G.
Wednesday, August 26 at 1pm EDT

The field of site investigation and remediation has matured to the point where site investigation and remediation can be rapidly implemented without extensive and prolonged study. Proven site investigation and remediation technologies have been thoroughly developed over the past 48 years, since the passage of the Clean Water Act. As such, a large majority of remedial sites do not require extensive study, expensive modeling, or “more sampling” to drive a project toward regulatory closure.

This two-part webinar will explore how a streamlined approach toward regulatory closure can achieve compliance while reducing overall schedule and costs. Why Site Remediation Doesn’t Need to be a Science Project, Part I, will provide knowledge and experience of proven site investigation and remediation applications, and demonstrate how a thorough understanding of state and federal regulations and good decision making can help drive a project toward regulatory closure while reducing time and expense. Part II, taking place Tuesday, November 10th, will provide information showcasing how smart data collection during the site characterization phase of the project can streamline and expedite site investigation and remediation.

This series will answer pressing questions, such as whether site-specific standards can be developed to reduce areas requiring remediation, and how early engagement with stakeholders can guide the process toward helping to develop realistic remediation objectives and focused remediation strategies that can achieve closure. The goal of this webinar is to provide the audience with information to evaluate how a focused approach toward regulatory closure can be implemented at their sites. Please register using the link below:

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Robert F. Chimchirian, P.E., LSRPRobert F. Chimchirian, P.E., LSRP
Principal Engineer

Timothy V. Adams, P.G.Timothy V. Adams, P.G.
Principal Hydrogeologist