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Ash Pond Newsletter: February 2022

Posted on March 03, 2022

The following is a collection of ash pond news from February 2022. Our intent is to provide you with important news pieces to help inform your business decisions and keep you up to date about the coal and ash pond industry.

This downloadable newsletter provides resources and explanations of ash pond news concerning a number of topics, including:

  • The USEPA has issued determinations for 57 Coal Ash Management Units, which have requested an extension for their receipt of waste deadline. The USEPA has considered 52 of the 57 extension requests to be complete.
  • Ameren plans to retire the Rush Island power plant in St. Louis, Missouri later this year. This closure comes after years of Clean Air Act violations and other legal battles.
  • An accident involving a tanker delivery by the Pampilla Refinery of Repsol in Peru has led to thousands of barrels of crude oil spilling into the South Pacific Ocean off Peru. Repsol has indicated that the spill was caused by strong ocean swells following a powerful volcano off the nation of Tonga.
  • In East Liverpool, Ohio, a hazardous waste incinerator is operated by Heritage Thermal Services (formally WTI) and is currently facing fines for violating federal air quality laws.