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What’s New at Roux? Fall 2019

Posted on November 01, 2019

Read about our upcoming webinars and events, where the Roux team will exemplify their expert skills.


Pardon the Interruption,
But How Much Does
That Really Cost?
Wednesday, November 6 at 1pm EST Presented by Ryan Stifter, MS & John Manley, CPA, MBA

Through this webinar, you’ll learn
the key questions necessary to
determine how to adjust a claim
and gain expert support.

The Effects of Climate Change on the Insurance Industry and Considerations for Underwriters
Wednesday, November 20 at 1pm EST Presented by Crystal Stowell, Rachel Miller, Molly Diggory, & Nicholas Palumbo

This presentation summarizes observed climate trends and provides an in-depth discussion on how these changes in climate impact the insurance industry.

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Marshalling the Divisibility Defense to CERCLA Liability: Apportionment—Is the Harm Distinguishable?
Thursday, November 21 at 1:00pm EST
Presented by William S. Hatfield &
Dr. Adam Love

This Strafford CLE webinar will discuss how recent court decisions have addressed divisibility in CERCLA litigation.


A ‘Roundup’ of the Latest Information Regarding Glyphosate for Understanding Potential Risks

Tuesday, December 10 at 11am EST

Presented by Dr. Adam Love &
Catherine Boston, MPH

The webinar will provide context to the International Agency for Research on Cancer hazard evaluation, summarize the state of the science regarding toxicity/human health effects of glyphosate, and provide a summary of recent legal developments.


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Upcoming Events

Oil & Gas Environmental Conference
Tuesday, December 3-4 in Dallas, TX
Roux to Exhibit: Booth 28
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Law Seminars International Conference
Monday, December 9-10 in San Diego, CA
Ryan Stifter is a Panelist
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ICSC New York Deal Making Conference
Tuesday, December 10-12
in New York, NY
Roux to Exhibit: Booth 2723
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Perrin New York Asbestos Litigation Conference
Wedesday, December 11 in New York, NY
Roux to Sponsor
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