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Complimentary Roux Webinar: Pardon the Interruption, But How Much Does That Really Cost?

Posted on October 17, 2019

Pardon the Interruption, But How Much Does That Really Cost?

Presented by Ryan Stifter, MS and John Manley, CPA, MBA • Wednesday, November 6, 1:00pm EST

Business interruption claims come in all shapes and sizes.

At times, you’ve paid out the policy limit for investigating and remediating a toxic substance at an insured’s business property. Then it happens. Your insured tenders a claim for lost income from non-operation and “extra” cash expenses paid to restore operations during and after the occurrence. Under an environmental policy, both direct and indirect exposure to toxic substances can cause full or partial cessation of an insured’s business operation.

While the business interruption coverage endorsement typically limits your liability to a specific time-period, the magnitude of the insured’s lost income and extra expenses may be covered without limits. As the insured is pressing for resolution or an advance payment, you’re left wondering “How much is reasonable? What do I need to pay?” As it happens, even seemingly well-documented financial claims can fail to adequately separate the impacts attributable to the occurrence from other factors affecting the insured’s business performance, or properly account for saved expenses due to non-operation. And, how is it always the case that a business was just about to take-off, expand into new markets or expand production capacity before the interruption?  

After this webinar, you’ll be in position to ask the key questions necessary for determining how to adjust the claim and the types of expert support you may need for developing a timely and robust adjustment. In addition to outlining the typical coverage and anatomy of a claim, Roux’s economic and accounting experts will identify the key evaluation criteria—other than the amount of the claim—for determining how you should go about determining the adjustment.

Please join us for this complimentary webinar on Wednesday, November 6th, hosted by members of Roux’s Economic & Complex Analytics team. To register please click here:

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