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How Roux is Creating a Cleaner Long Island

Posted on October 29, 2020

Roux and The Lake Agawam Conservancy Partner to Clean up Lake in Southampton

Roux has been working with the Lake Agawam Conservancy to improve the water quality within Lake Agawam, which is located in Southampton, New York. Lake Agawam experiences frequent blue-green algal blooms due to excessive nitrogen loading into the lake. Roux has provided management of water lily removal in the lake to improve water circulation and the installation of 42 aerators along the west shore of Lake Agawam. Aeration circulates the water and adds dissolved oxygen. These aerators operate from the bottom up, introducing oxygen where the lake needs it most, and bubbling the air up through the entire water column to the surface. Constant lake aeration improves water quality by promoting biodegradation of lake sediments, and reducing algae growth and odors while enhancing fish habitat. The circulating water also reduces the amount of plant material present that will ultimately die and decompose. Decaying plants use oxygen and add nutrients in the form of nitrogen and phosphorus to a waterbody. These excess nutrients allow more algae and plant growth, which is why adding oxygen and water circulation are so important for maintaining a healthy waterbody.

Roux has nationally-recognized experts and leaders in the design and implementation of sustainable treatment technologies such as Constructed Treatment Wetlands, Phytotechnologies, and other passive natural technologies (e.g., natural media filtration) to minimize the impact of stormwater runoff and treat varying types of contamination, including sanitary wastewater. We have expertise in a variety of environments ranging from freshwater wetlands and tidal wetlands to riparian ecosystems—including sustainable shoreline stabilization design—to grassland and woodland habitats.

To see Lake Agawam’s progress please watch the video below, and feel free to contact us for additional information:

Roux and The Lake Agawam Conservancy Partner to Clean up Lake in Southampton