Justin Donlon, PE

Principal Engineer Operations Manager


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Phone: (281) 397-3805

Email: jdonlon@rouxinc.com

Location: Houston, TX

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Assessment and Remedial Closure of Industrial/Petroleum Facilities

LNAPL Remediation Optimization

Groundwater and Wastewater Treatment Systems


MS, Environmental Engineering - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

BS, Environmental Geosciences - Boston College

Justin Donlon, PE

Principal Engineer Operations Manager

Mr. Donlon holds a BS in Environmental Geosciences from Boston College and an MS in Environmental Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Alabama and Texas, and a certified Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) Project Manager through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).


Mr. Donlon has over nine years of experience in environmental assessment, remediation, and risk management. He has conducted, managed, or overseen the investigation and remediation of numerous sites across the country. Mr. Donlon has provided environmental engineering services including site assessments, engineering design, remedial implementation, reporting, project management, and environmental compliance. Mr. Donlon’s areas of expertise include the development of conceptual site models, design and optimization of long-term remedial strategies, and the minimization of environmental liability. He has successfully managed multi-million-dollar remediation projects involving complex environmental issues and he has evaluated numerous environmental claims associated with historical light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) impacts for major global energy companies.

representative projects
  • Project Principal and Project Manager providing in-house technical strategy/consulting to a major petroleum company for a portfolio of 12 multi-party sites in various federal and state regulatory programs, including federal Superfund, the Maryland Land Restoration Program, the Indiana Superfund Program, and the Ohio Environmental Response and Revitalization Program. Project management responsibilities include management of annual budget exceeding $1M, management of various technical subcontractors on behalf of the client, routine communication with other PRPs and litigation team, and interaction with regulatory agencies. The role includes strategic portfolio management with a focus toward reduction and/or transfer of liability. Technical expertise includes identifying project vulnerability/liability drivers, developing near term tactics and path to closure strategies, identifying remedial cost efficiencies/minimizing lifecycle costs, managing project financials, evaluating cash-out opportunities, and driving client advocacy with other performing parties. The portfolio includes chemical blending/recycling sites, legacy landfills, and drum recycling sites. Each site is in various project lifecycle phases, including investigation, risk assessment, feasibility study, remedial design, remedial action, operations and maintenance (O&M), and long-term monitoring.
  • Project Manager of a multi-million-gallon release of petroleum hydrocarbon product from a former refinery and petroleum storage terminal in Brooklyn, New York. Responsibilities include design and implementation of LNAPL recovery optimization work plans, pilot studies, summary reports, and site modeling reports. Prepared alternatives analysis reports, site management plans, and quarterly and annual progress reports. Daily management responsibilities include scheduling/management of a field crew consisting of more than ten engineers and geologists, and the management of an annual budget of more than $20 million.
  • Project Manager for a comprehensive evaluation and gap assessment of the conceptual site model and remediation approach for several LNAPL plumes at a large active refinery in southeastern Texas. The scope included the analysis of several years of investigation, recovery, and monitoring data while refining the conceptual site model to evaluate the current and future approach to petroleum recovery activities for several plumes. Developed work scope to address identified data gaps and incorporated new data to prepare an Updated NAPL Management Plan to prioritize LNAPL recovery activities and obtained regulatory closure of six of seven on-site LNAPL plumes.
  • Project Engineer for the design of an 800-gallon per minute temporary stormwater treatment system at a former alumina refinery in southeastern Texas. Responsibilities included conducting bench tests and analyzing data to drive the treatment system design. Conducted field oversight to ensure that the treatment system was installed and operated safely according to design specifications. Provided engineering design and system O&M support to optimize system performance and runtime.
  • Project Manager and design engineer for an LNAPL recovery system at a former alumina refinery in southeastern Texas. Specific components included development of remedial strategy, recovery system design, management of system installation, startup, O&M and optimization, and report preparation. Developed LNAPL transmissivity testing work scope, analyzed data, and developed recommendations for remedial design and regulatory closure based on LNAPL transmissivity test results. Obtained regulatory closure of LNAPL recovery activities within three years.