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Frank Cherena, PG, LEP to Present in Aeroqual Webinar

Posted on October 11, 2023

Aeroqual Webinar

The biggest mistake of my Environmental Consulting career…and what you can learn from it

Presenters: Jodi Lee (Jacobs), Eric Winegar (Sonoma Technology, Inc), 
Linda Lattner (WSP), and Frank Cherena (Roux)

Wednesday, October 18 at 2-3pm EST

The stakes are high in the environmental monitoring industry and making a mistake can impact the outcome of your projects or even your career. Fast-forward your career development by learning from the mistakes of others. Plus, understand how to turn your own mistakes into tremendous opportunities for growth.

The webinar panel will discuss the mistakes they’ve made during their careers and how learning from these setbacks has made them into the industry leaders you see today.

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