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Complimentary Roux Webinar – Living Landfills: Don’t Cap It, Plant It!

Posted on December 06, 2016

Living Landfills: Don’t Cap It, Plant It!

Monday, December 19 • 2:00pm (EST)
Presented by Amanda Ludlow, Principal Scientist (Roux Associates)

This webinar will provide an overview of conventional and alternative capping, introduce the science behind Roux’s innovative living landfills, present the advantages of these designs, and discuss the cost savings achieved by eliminating expensive liner based caps.

Conventional landfill capping, which utilizes material with low hydraulic permeability (i.e., clay or geomembrane liners) to minimize rainwater contact with waste, can be expensive. Twenty years ago the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the importance of exploring more sustainable technologies for landfill closure: alternative landfill covers.

Alternative landfill covers use a combination of soil and plants to store and consume rainwater, thus minimizing infiltration. Cost savings as high as 50% can be achieved relative to conventional caps.

Roux has combined the practices of phytoremediation (utilizing deep rooting, water-loving tree species) and alternative capping, creating “living landfill” designs in humid and northeast climates where alternative capping is normally difficult to implement. These living landfills not only capture and evapotranspire rainwater, but promote in situ remediation of landfill waste.

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