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Ash Pond Newsletter: January 2021

Posted on January 29, 2021

The following is a collection of ash pond news from January 2021. The intent of the newsletter is to summarize news regarding ash pond closure activities, lawsuits filed against utilities relating to their ash ponds, as well as regulatory changes impacting ash pond operations or closures.

This downloadable, three-page newsletter provides resources and explanations of ash pond news concerning a number of topics, including: 

  • According to a study by the Sierra Club, 79 operating companies which own half of all remaining coal and gas generation in the US have only committed to retiring 25% of coal generation by 2030.
  • The chemical company BASF just purchased the Lake Creek Power Plant in Texas for $14 million with plans to expand their geographic footprint.
  • Duke Energy is in the process of permanently closing its remaining coal ash basins in the state of North Carolina. A recent settlement detailed a plan for coal ash management cost allocation between 2015 and 2030, with a reduction in customers’ costs by approximately $1.1 billion.
  • Dominion Energy just awarded a contract to Charah Solutions for the beneficial reuse of up to 8.1 million tons of coal ash from its Chesterfield Power Station in Chester, Virginia.