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Webinar: Business Costs – When a Cost is Not an Environmental Response Cost

Posted on September 28, 2020

Business Costs – When a Cost is Not an Environmental Response Cost
Presented by Roux’s Molly Diggory & Crystal Stowell
Thursday, October 8th at 1pm-2pm EDT

Insurance pays for many of the environmental clean-ups that occur throughout the United States. Over the course of clean-up, businesses incur many costs, some of which can be environmental response costs. In order for a business to be paid by its insurer quickly, the insured should submit a well-documented claim for clean-up costs with business costs clearly identified or excluded from the claim—otherwise payments may be delayed as the insurer spends their own time parsing out such costs.

Every policy and claim are unique; however, there are some generally applicable guidelines regarding what is typically identified as a “Normal Business Operating Cost.” These Normal Business Operating Costs are found on all types of sites and could include activities such as site maintenance, compliance, redevelopment, and closure of a landfill or ash pond. Costs that, in effect, would be required of the insured regardless of the presence of environmental contamination, or were not necessary in order to perform site remediation.

This webinar outlines a few guiding principles regarding identification of business costs, walks through numerous examples from case studies, and delves into some of the more challenging situations where a gray area may exist between environmental response costs and business costs. Ample time for questions and answers will be provided. To register, please click on the link below:

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