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Roux’s ECA Group Publishes Article on Climate Risk, ESG Standards, Environmental Regulation and Corporate Disclosure

Posted on March 16, 2021

Roux’s Economic & Complex Analytics (ECA) practice published an article in Law360 on March 16 about the anticipated changes in the U.S. regulatory framework under President Biden’s new administration and climate change plan. The paper, “Biden Climate Plan Ushers in New Compliance Considerations,” written by Peter Kelso and Drew Howard, discusses some of the upcoming regulatory changes in terms of environmental compliance and disclosure and what companies, insurers, and financial institutions can do to strategically plan for the future.

The article focuses on President Joe Biden’s multipronged climate plan and actions in his first months in office, and suggests his administration is likely to follow the European Commission’s lead in increasing financial disclosure requirements related to environmental and climate risk. Adding to the pressure for companies to understand and adapt to Biden’s environmental plans are investor demands that companies comply with emerging environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, standards. The article discusses potential ESG regulations and examines Biden’s climate plan, the SEC and other government agencies’ roles in advancing ESG standards in the US, and what impact the environmental regulatory changes will pose to US business and investment.

For access to the article, please click here.