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Roux to Present at FETTI Conference

Posted on September 23, 2021

Wednesday, September 29 – Friday, October 1 Each year, the National Forum for Environmental & Toxic Tort Issues (FETTI) convenes in the Chicago area to host a world-class seminar on a broad range of environmental issues with nationally recognized speakers. At the FETTI seminar, professionals who are recognized experts in their fields offer programs to enhance members’ understanding of the ever-changing environmental and toxic tort issues they face in their professions.

On Thursday, Roux’s Catherine Boston, MPH will present on a panel entitled Toxic Exposure Causation: Critical Distinctions in Scientific Analysis, Regulatory Perspective and Court Gatekeeping, discussing the following topics:

  • Elements of Reliable Scientific Analysis of Causation
  • Regulatory Perspective and Precautionary Principle
  • Legal Standards for Causation Opinions and Common Misapplication

As the final presentation of the conference on Friday, Roux’s Adam Love, Ph.D., will present as part of the Environmental Class Action Issues in Ethylene Oxide Litigation panel, covering:

  • Environmental Class Action as a growing trend
  • Environmental Class Action legal strategy in EtO litigation
  • Science and Causation elements in EtO litigation
  • Risk Management Approaches

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FETTI Conference 2021