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Roux to Present at AEHS West Coast Conference

Posted on March 11, 2024

Monday, March 18 – Thursday, March 21 Members of Roux will be presenting as part of the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) Foundation 33rd Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air. This event has united environmental professionals for over three decades, fostering a sense of community and igniting groundbreaking collaborations. The annual conference has helped bring the environmental science community closer together by providing a forum to facilitate the exchange of information of technological advances, new scientific achievements, and the effectiveness of standing environmental regulation programs. 

Tuesday, March 19
Roux’s Martin Hamper, PG will present Petroleum Site Closure Using the ASTM Manual Skimming LNAPL Transmissivity Method as part of a poster session. According to Hamper and SeyedAbbasi (2023), Charbeneau’s LNAPL skimmer model uses the LNAPL-water capillary head gradient as the driving force since the model requires the piezometric surface in the well to remain static.

Wednesday, March 20
At 1:30-5:00pm, Roux’s Rachel Maxwell, PG will present Is this spring connected to that aquifer? as part of the Environmental Forensics platform session. Rachel’s presentation, coauthored by Roux’s Adam Love, PhD and Andy Zdon, PG, CEG, CHG, outlines desert springs in the Mojave-Sonoran Desert. In this region, springs play an important role in supporting biodiversity hotspots, whose water is used by both wildlife and humans. In Roux’s study, regional investigations were conducted using various forensic tools and integrating multiple lines of evidence from approximately 200 springs throughout the Mojave-Sonoran Desert area. Rachel will review case studies from the spring monitoring efforts that began in 2010 and the forensic tools used to better understand the spring-aquifer connectivity in the Mojave-Sonoran Desert area.

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