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Published Article – Microplastics: Liability and Scientific Uncertainty

Posted on September 27, 2022

Published Article

Microplastics: Liability and Scientific Uncertainty

Written by Catherine Boston, MPH, DABT of Roux and Megan Baroni of Robinson+Cole

The buzz around microplastics continues—Roux’s Catherine Boston, MPH, DABT and Megan Baroni, Partner at Robinson+Cole, have collaborated to publish an in-depth analysis of environmental issues and associated legal implications.

“Current data gaps in human epidemiological evaluations and toxicological studies make derivation of regulatory thresholds based on human health effects highly uncertain,” shares Ms. Boston. On the legal side, according to Ms. Baroni, “Plaintiffs, however, are not waiting for the development of microplastics regulations but instead are suing plastics producers and users under existing legal theories.” Our authors continue to expand on how microplastics have impacted their respective fields, ultimately weighing in on what plastics producers and users could do now at the beginning of a long road to microplastics regulation.

To download a copy of the article, published by the American Bar Association, please click on the button below. For more information on California-specific updates, please reference our September 8, 2022 news post here.

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