The New York Times Building

Real Estate Developer; New York


Roux provided environmental services for the development of the 52-story New York Times headquarters in midtown Manhattan. As part of our support, Roux prepared both Remedial Investigation and Interim Remedial Measure Work Plans within a strict time frame in coordination with planned redevelopment activities, while guiding the client through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) public participation requirements. The necessary support documents were completed in two weeks and were accepted by the NYSDEC without document revisions.

To address contamination as efficiently as possible while facilitating building construction, remedial activities involved the removal of all material, down to the bedrock. This included the excavation and disposal of approximately 10,000 tons of lead hazardous soil and 30,000 tons of contaminated, non-hazardous waste. In preparation for and during completion of the remedial measures, Roux performed contractor support and full-time construction management services, including:

• Drafting the Scope of Work including all relevant remediation specifications;

• Aiding the contractor in drafting the submittals and NYSDEC required Project Plans;

• Coordinating and implementing a full time Community Air Monitoring Program on-site; and

• Tracking and managing waste disposal, decontamination, and other environmental related Site activities.

Roux installed bedrock groundwater monitoring wells for the collection of groundwater quality samples, and prepared a Remedial Investigation Report and a Remedial Action Work Plan recommending no further action, since all material within the limits of the Site was excavated down to the bedrock.

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Manhattan, New York


Real Estate Developer

Roux Services

Remedial Investigation

Interim Remedial Measure Work Plans

Soil Excavation and Disposal

Drafting Submittals

Waste Disposal/Decontamination Tracking/Management

Community Air Monitoring Program