Residential Redevelopment of Illegal Dump Site

Real Estate Developer; California


Roux is helping a major multifamily developer with the redevelopment of a 7.5-acre parcel that was formerly used as an oil field and for illegal dumping of inert waste. The vertical and lateral extent of the waste material was accurately characterized and defined by Roux through a combination of geophysical, potholing, trenching, and soil/soil gas sampling activities. A vegetative cap is being designed for cover and development into a private 2-acre park, and will prevent surface exposure and infiltration. Oily soils from former oil field activities will be mitigated through excavation to meet site-specific remedial action objectives.

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Los Angeles County, California


Real Estate Developer

Roux Services

Waste Material Characterization

Various Sampling Activities

Soil Excavation

Vegetative Cap Design