Remediation Takeover

Major Regional Retailer; Connecticut


Roux performed a remediation takeover on behalf of a real estate client to address contamination beneath an occupied commercial property that was creating a significant environmental hazard (SEH). Prior to Roux’s involvement, remediation had been occurring at the Site since the early 2000s with minimal success. Roux began work at the Site in 2015, and identified an additional source of contamination beneath the occupied site building that was contributing to the prolonged impacts to groundwater that were being observed at the Site.

Following the identification of an additional source area, Roux designed a remediation system to target the area. Roux installed infrastructure beneath the building during a one week period that overlapped with planned tenant improvement construction, and installed a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) to protect building occupants, as well as a remote chemical injection/air sparging system. Following the installation of infrastructure, Roux successfully targeted the source area and mitigated the SEH condition.

Roux continued to provide environmental support and assisted in the client’s sale of the property in 2022. Roux’s expertise and value was recognized by the purchaser during their due diligence period, and Roux has been providing environmental support to the purchaser since their acquisition of the property in 2022.

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