Remediation of PCE

Uniform Manufacturer/Insurance Carriers; New Jersey


Roux was retained as the consultant for the remediation of PCE from a former dry cleaning operation at a uniform manufacturer. The initial remedial design called for several lengthy iterations of in situ treatment technologies, soil excavation and capping at a cost of nearly $7MM. Roux was asked to review the remedial approach and developed a strategic streamlined approach of soil vapor extraction/air sparging, targeted “hot spot” groundwater remediation and monitored natural attenuation. The “hot spot” remedial activities involved an innovative liquid activated carbon slurry injected into groundwater source areas. An inoculum of PCE degrading biological bacteria was then introduced to the subsurface to complete the “hot spot” remediation. This alternate remedial approach resulted in over $4MM in savings. The project is now in the low-cost monitored natural attenuation stages which are projected to reach applicable cleanup standards ahead of schedule.

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New Jersey


Uniform Manufacturer/Insurance Carriers

Roux Services

Streamlined Approach of Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging

Targeted “Hot Spot” Groundwater Remediation

Monitored Natural Attenuation