Property Transfer Under ISRA

Chemical Company; New Jersey


Roux prepared the Preliminary Assessment Report, Site Investigation Report and the Remedial Investigation Report for a chemical manufacturing facility located in northern New Jersey which manufactured inorganic chemical products since the 1940s. Sale of the facility triggered ISRA. An inactive rail spur, a former settling pond, a historical discharge to an adjacent creek and groundwater were investigated. Sludge containing inorganic chemicals had accumulated in the former settling pond which was suspected to have impacted groundwater. The groundwater investigation included the installation of additional overburden and bedrock monitoring wells. Geotechnical investigation and slug testing were completed in the overburden to document that the overburden groundwater was a Class IIIA aquifer (aquitard) and thus not subject to the NJDEP’s Class IIA groundwater standards. Several of the bedrock monitoring wells were greater than 250 feet deep and constructed using a FLUTe™ liner with multiple sampling ports. Packer testing and sampling was completed during construction of the wells. Roux is also supporting the facility with the preparation of permits required to dredge the inorganic sludges from the pond.

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Berkeley Heights, New Jersey


Chemical Company

Roux Services

Preliminary Assessment Report

Site Investigation Report

Remedial Investigation Report

Groundwater Investigation

Geotechnical Investigation

Slug Testing