Petroleum Facility in High Value Tidal River System

Oil Distribution Facility; New Jersey


Roux completed an ecological risk assessment for an oil distributor under the New Jersey Site Remediation Program. The Site is located along the Cohansey River, which is included in the Wild and Scenic River List and serves as potential habitat for threatened and endangered species in Cumberland County, NJ. Risk assessment services included habitat assessment, background investigation, sediment and surface water sampling, sediment toxicity testing, food chain modeling, and fingerprinting to assess the risk to the benthic community and wildlife dependent on the river. Results were used to demonstrate little to no substantial risk from exposure to media from the Site. Ultimately, no remediation of the river was warranted. Additional assessment is underway to evaluate remedial needs for sediment within the inlet to the river.

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Cumberland County, New Jersey


Oil Distribution Facility

Roux Services

Ecological Remedial Investigation

Sediment Sampling

Surface Water Sampling

Habitat Assessment

Background Investigation


Sediment Toxicity Testing

Dietary Exposure Modeling

Statistical Analysis

Ecological Risk Assessment