Multi-Phased Ecological Risk Assessment of a Forested Wetland Complex

Auto and Truck Salvage Yard; New Jersey


Roux designed and implemented a Phase III Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) to evaluate site-related impacts in a large, forested wetlands complex, including numerous drainage ditches and leading to freshwater brook. The ERA was completed in response to New Jersey agency comments on work completed by prior consultants. The ERA included the collection of sediment, surface water, and soil samples; sediment and soil toxicity testing; and soil bioaccumulation testing. Analytical samples focused on specific analytes based on delineation needs and media-specific toxicity evaluations for PAHs, PCBs, and metals.

Bulk chemistry data and bioaccumulation test results were incorporated into dietary exposure models for avian and mammalian receptors. Ecological risk-based remediation goals were derived, and remedial footprints were established based on the dietary exposure modeling and toxicity testing results. Additionally, risk-management discussions are underway with the regulators regarding the development of a remedial action strategy to address ecological risk-based impacts within the wetland complex.

Currently, Roux is actively evaluating human health impacts within the wetland soils. In preparation for supplemental remedial investigation soil and groundwater activities, Roux has prepared and submitted land use permitting applications for general permits under the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules. Additionally, Roux has aided the interdisciplinary project team in designing these investigation workplans to comply with permits-by-rule under the Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules.

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