Lincoln at Bankside

Brookfield Properties; New York


This property, in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx, formerly operated as the New Jersey Central Rail-Bronx Freight Terminal since at least 1908. The development includes four high-rise residential buildings accompanied by a seven-story podium on the property’s 2.61 acres of land, and a new waterfront park and esplanade along approximately 350 feet of Harlem Riverfront property. The project’s goal was to revitalize the Port Morris & Mott Haven Harlem Riverfront by providing a sense of community. The open space design provides the first of its kind, new public park to Mott Haven along the Harlem River, with green landscaping and high albedo materials included in the building design for ground floor and terrace space to mitigate impacts from the heat-island effect.

This project, located in a Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA), received a Certificate of Completion after completing remediation in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP). Remedial efforts included installation of a sheet pile support of the excavation system to reach remediation excavation depths and migration of groundwater contamination, removal of underground storage tanks and hydraulic lifts, and the excavation and disposal of approximately 38,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil from past operating use. The team collaborated to design an inviting, livable, redeeming space, and shoreline access that was once blocked by industrial maritime use and is soon to be accessible to both Manhattan and Bronx residents.

The 2022 Big Apple Brownfield Award for Open Space was presented to the Lincoln at Bankside project. The project team was comprised of Brookfield Properties, Triton Construction, Hill West Architects, Roux, and Sive, Paget & Riesel.

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The Bronx, New York


Brookfield Properties

Roux Services

Historical Data Evaluation

Brownfield Cleanup Program Support

Site Investigation

Remedial Design

Air Monitoring

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Petroleum Hot Spot Remediation

Oversight and Documentation of Material Import/Export

Endpoint Soil Sampling

Groundwater Sampling

NYSDEC Dewatering Permit Support

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan




Hill West Architects


2022 Big Apple Brownfield Award for Open Space