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Roux has performed extensive and varied work in support of the remediation of this high-profile Site (No. 5 on the original National Priorities List), dating back to the inception of our firm in 1981. We conducted the initial remedial investigation (RI) for the Site and were later selected to lead a team of consultants performing a supplemental RI for site groundwater, surface water, and sediment. The supplemental RI focused heavily on the unique geochemistry of site groundwater and the interactions between waste deposits, groundwater, and surface water and sediment downgradient of the source areas.

Several years later, Roux led another team of consultants performing a multi-disciplinary investigation focused on demonstrating the viability of natural attenuation as a remedy for site groundwater. Roux later performed geophysical and soil/groundwater investigations in support of site redevelopment, as well as extensive sampling of soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and soil vapor. This was part of a final RI performed to develop new data with which to support the feasibility study (FS) and risk assessment for Operable Unit 2 (OU2) of the Site (groundwater, surface water, and sediment).

Roux also supported the potentially responsible parties in agency negotiations over the years, including review and critique of the Proposed Plan for OU2, and performed a variety of tasks in support of remedial efforts for both OU1 and OU2, including:
• Assisting in the initial FS for OU1;
• Performing pre-design studies in support of an interim pump-and-treat remedy required pursuant to the Record of Decision for OU1;
• Demonstrating the technical impracticability of the interim pump-and-treat remedy;
• Evaluating competing designs submitted by others as alternatives to the interim pump-and-treat remedy;
• Coordinating preparation of a work plan to demonstrate the effectiveness of low-flow oxygen injection as an alternative to the interim pump-and-treat remedy;
• Certifying completion of the OU1 remedy and preparing a master certification report and individual certification reports for the various properties included within OU1; and
• Assisting with development and implementation of Institutional Controls for both OU1 and OU2.

Roux also designed and implemented a sophisticated and automated surface water monitoring system used during both the final RI and the remedial design stage for OU2. This system comprises flow controls (weirs) and automated equipment for the collection of continuous stream-flow data and flow-weighted surface water samples during storm events. It features ten monitoring stations constructed along five miles of the river, that drain the Site and where all of the Site’s groundwater discharges.

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