In Situ Stabilization and Capping

Former Resin Emulsion Polymerization Plant; Illinois


Roux was retained to provide strategic remedial consulting support for the closure of three former wastewater lagoons containing 160,000 cubic yards of sediment. The three lagoons were originally constructed within the floodplain of the Illinois River, covering approximately 12 acres of land. Our pre-closure investigation services include the extensive evaluation of lagoon sediments, geotechnical assessments for dike stability, hydrology assessments, wetland delineations, treatability studies, and closure option analyses. Roux’s recommendation resulted in the closure of the lagoons using an in situ stabilization (ISS) process involving the addition of reagents to increase the structural stability of the sediments and to reduce the potential for leaching contaminants. Contaminants of concern identified within the sediments included volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), metals, elevated biological oxygen demand (BOD), and elevated chemical oxygen demand (COD). Reagent selection was a key factor in the ISS design. Our engineering design included the restoration of approximately 50% of the land area to pre-lagoon conditions, restoring the floodplain to a natural condition. Roux provided construction oversight and field engineering support for the $9.3M capping and stabilization project.

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Former Resin Emulsion Polymerization Plant

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