Former Dry Cleaner Remediation

Local Developer/Insurance Carriers; New Jersey


For this Site, in a highly urbanized area, Roux designed a remediation approach that effectively and quickly addressed unsaturated soil that was the source of groundwater contamination and indoor vapors. The approach entailed excavating the clay-rich soil, coating the foundation walls with a sealant to mitigate vapors and water infiltration, periodic pumping from monitoring wells in the most contaminated groundwater area to reduce the overall mass, chemical injection to treat the saturated soil beneath the building, and monitoring natural attenuation of the dissolved phase contamination. This work is complicated with multiple food service tenants, a densely developed area, and co-mingled plumes from multiple other sources of PCE groundwater contamination. The previous consultant had underestimated the extent of the groundwater contamination at the Site. Roux identified this discrepancy and at the insistence of the insurance carriers, assumed the role as lead consultant.

Roux also served as the factual witness for a lawsuit alleging the Site impacted a property outside the plume, presenting the facts in a clear way such that the presiding judge understood the geology, groundwater chemistry, and contaminant fate and transport, leading ultimately to a decision in the client’s favor.

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New Jersey


Local Developer/Insurance Carriers

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