Employee Exposure Assessment

Municipal Law Enforcement Agency; Northeast


Roux provided high-level technical support and oversight during the assessment of potential employee exposures for a state law enforcement agency. The assessment focused on evaluating employee exposures to airborne lead and copper during the use of firearms at the agency’s shooting range. Roux acted as the technical expert for the assessment, providing assistance related to regulatory requirements and reviewing the sampling strategy developed by another consultant to ensure compliance with regulatory and recommended guidelines. Additionally, Roux provided oversight during the collection of full shift employee exposure samples during a simulated worst-case scenario in order to provide quality control and to ensure the samples were collected according to regulatory and industry standards. During participation in the on-site work, Roux observed field conditions which allowed us to provide control recommendations to the law enforcement agency to assist with eliminating or reducing potential employee exposures. These mitigation recommendations included adjustments to the ventilation system as well as other workplace controls, such as housekeeping, that would reduce airborne employee exposures and reduce surface lead contamination.

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