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Roux collaborated with Cornell University to efficiently manage all soil and groundwater during subsurface disturbances to support the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)-required Remedial Action Plan (RAP) developed for the Site. The Site, formerly home to the seven-building Goldwater Memorial Hospital, is an approximate 12.5-acre parcel on the southern end of Roosevelt Island located between Manhattan and Queens. The campus opened in 2017 with completion of four new state-of-the-art buildings, a geothermal well field, and a 6.5-acre open meadow enveloping the southern end of the Site. Two additional buildings are slated for completion in 2019.

During construction activities, our services included:
• Effectively communicating with various public agencies (NYCDEP, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation [NYSDEC], Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation);
• Community air monitoring program;
• Soil characterization of over 50,000 tons of soil intended for reuse on-site;
• Documentation of meadow regrading and installation of engineered soil cap meeting standards determined by the NYCDEP;
• Coordination with the NYSDEC to secure approval for temporary construction dewatering (State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System);
• Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) site-wide inspections and coordination;
• Underground storage tank (UST) removal; and
• Preparation of a Remedial Closure Report.

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Roosevelt Island, New York




Dewatering Permit and Compliance Support

Stormwater Compliance Support

Feasibility Studies

Soil Excavation Oversight

Agency Coordination

Community Air Monitoring