Allegheny River

Major Petroleum Company; New York


Roux was retained by a major oil company to investigate and remediate historical petroleum impacts in surficial sediment adjacent to a historical refinery in the Alleghany River. Roux took the Site from initial release notification through closure, including:

  • Investigation and mapping the extent of historical sediment impacts;

  • Developing and implementing a sediment investigation strategy;

  • Assessing remedial alternatives for the Site;

  • Preparing a Remedial Action Work Plan for the selected remedy;

  • Preparing design drawings and submitting United States Army Corps of Engineers and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation permits to perform the work;

  • Preparing a request for bid package for dredging subcontractors and support through a subcontractor selection process;

  • Solid and liquid waste characterization;

  • Engineering and health and safety oversight of dredging operations performed by subcontractors in accordance with permit, design, and contract requirements;

  • Developing and implementing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan requirements, including routine inspection and maintenance of erosion and sediment control measures;

  • Coordination and regulatory approval of beneficial use determination for stone used in support operations; and

  • Post-construction permit compliance, including restoration monitoring.

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