Air Permitting Inventory and Optimization

Specialty Metal Alloy Company; New Jersey


Roux completed an extensive air permit audit and emissions inventory for a metal alloying and manufacturing operation in northern New Jersey. From an air emissions perspective, the operation consisted primarily of several hundred combustion and air-hazardous particulate sources related to the alloy and casting of super-alloy. The audit and inventory included detailed inspection of manufacturing and ancillary equipment, an existing permit review, development of an up-to-date air emission source inventory, and evaluation of compliance with provisions of existing air permits and applicable air quality regulations. Numerous revisions to existing air permits and applications for several new permits were identified and addressed. Roux also assisted the facility with regulatory interface and advocacy during this extensive re/permitting and administrative order process. In order to minimize operational disruptions and financial impacts, highly defensible estimates of both existing potential to emit, as well as past emissions were developed through the multiple lines of evidence approach, and in some cases, source testing. This project also touched on issues of common control.

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