Abandoned Sand and Gravel Quarry

Town of North Hempstead; New York


Roux performed an investigation and remediation program in support of redeveloping a 460-acre abandoned sand and gravel quarry into a senior care facility and golf course. The key to success of the program was to expedite remediation in a cost-effective, timely manner to facilitate the development activities.

The program involved the decontamination and removal of over 50 transformers containing polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) dielectric fluid, identifying and delineating impacts to soil and concrete in the vicinity of the transformer locations, and the removal of all PCB-contaminated soil and concrete in accordance with the Toxic Substance Control Act and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) guidelines.

An underground and aboveground storage tank (UST/AST) removal program was also implemented, which entailed locating numerous unmapped USTs using ground penetrating radar, tank excavation, removal and disposal of petroleum-contaminated soil, and closure. Limited soil removals were performed in areas where excavated tanks revealed surficial contamination. Debris piles, abandoned vehicles, and over 100 drums—some containing hazardous materials—were also removed from the Site. Soil in these areas was sampled to confirm that no contamination was present.

A limited risk assessment was conducted to show that some surface soil at the base of a hill was effectively remediated by capping the area, which resulted in significant cost savings over removing the contaminated soil and restabilizing the slope.

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