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Roux to Sponsor & Participate in Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference

Posted on October 19, 2020

Virtual Perrin Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference
Thursday, October 22 | 10am-6pm EDT

Roux is sponsoring and participating in this year’s Perrin Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference, pending approval for 6.0-8.0 CLE credit hours depending on the state. This conference features Roux’s Adam Love, Ph.D. as a conference co-chair, who will provide opening remarks and his unique perspective on litigation. A wide variety of issues will be discussed in detail, from climate change adaptation to PFAS exposure. 

Chase Gerbig, Ph.D. will take part in a panel discussion on Evolving Strategies for Vapor Intrusion Risk and Associated Personal Injury Claims. Vapor intrusion and indoor air exposure continues to be a major cost sink in environmental risks. Strategies for managing vapor intrusion risk and the associated bodily injury claims continue to evolve. Panel questions will include: 

  • Why are vapor intrusion thresholds and regulatory guidance still so variable from state to state?
  • What are plaintiff’s lawyers doing to capitalize on any identified exposure to indoor air?
  • What are risk mitigation strategies at sites with vapor intrusion and/or indoor air issues?

Later, Catherine Boston, MPH will moderate a panel entitled Under the Radar: PFAS Exposure from Products. To date, most of the money and effort related to PFAS has been focused on PFAS in drinking water. In fact, unless you live near a location of a significant PFAS release, your primary exposure to PFAS is likely through consumer products—which is not widely recognized or discussed. This panel answers the following questions, among others: 

  • What is known about PFAS exposure from consumer products?
  • What consumer product PFAS limitations are out there?
  • How does PFAS in product mirror asbestos litigation?

For more information and registration, please click on the link below:

Roux Associates

Roux’s Conference Participants


Adam Love, Ph.D.
Conference Co-Chair
Vice President/Principal Scientist


Chase Gerbig, Ph.D.Chase Gerbig, Ph.D.
Panelist: Evolving Strategies for Vapor Intrusion Risk and Associated Personal Injury Claims
Principal Engineer

Catherine Boston, MPHCatherine Boston, MPH
Moderator: Under the Radar: PFAS Exposure from Products
Principal Scientist/
Risk Assessor