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Panel Discussion: Quantifying ESG Risks and Opportunities in Environmental Due Diligence

Posted on August 30, 2023

Live Panel Discussion

Quantifying ESG Risks and Opportunities in Environmental Due Diligence 

Moderator: Peter Kelso of Roux
Panelists: Brad Molotsky of Duane Morris LLP, Travis Wofford of Baker Botts, and Drew Howard, MEM & Kristen Knorn of Roux

Wednesday, September 13 at 11am EST

This presentation will discuss the importance of extending due diligence beyond traditional practices to include an in-depth examination of current and future Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. As regulations shift and climate risks continue to grow, a more comprehensive set of due diligence standards will require extra steps to examine changes in:

  • Regulatory requirements;
  • Current and future climate risks;
  • Environmental data collection, analysis, and disclosure;
  • Health and safety management systems;
  • Supply chain procurement risks;
  • Financing risks;
  • Insurance risks; and
  • Litigation risks.

This presentation will explain these extra steps and broadly discuss methods to quantify these risks and opportunities. The discussion should be of interest to a broad audience, including real estate developers, law firms, corporations involved in merger and acquisition (M&A) activities, insurers, and risk management professionals. Please join us by registering at the link below.

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Brad A. MolotskyBrad A. Molotsky
Duane Morris LLP

Travis J. WoffordTravis J. Wofford
Vice Chair Global M&A Practice
Baker Botts

Drew Howard, MEMDrew Howard, MEM
Managing Consultant

Kristen KnornKristen Knorn
Managing Consultant



Peter KelsoPeter Kelso
Principal, Economic & Complex Analytics