William S. Muñoz, PE, PG

Principal Engineer Operations Manager



Engineering & Remediation

Water Resources

Conformance Assessment


MS, Environmental Engineering - New Jersey Institute of Technology

BS, Geology - Bowling Green State University

William S. Muñoz, PE, PG

Principal Engineer Operations Manager

Mr. Muñoz is a registered professional engineer and professional geologist with more than thirty years’ experience in the civil, environmental, and earth science fields. He has also completed ISO 14001 and 45001 Lead Auditor training. His strong technical background is an asset for the diverse services he provides, including project management, site development/decommissioning, inspections, assessments, investigations, remediation, design, site closures, permitting, plan development, reporting, and conformance assessments. Over his career, he has worked with a broad range of clients, including oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, automotive, and real estate. Mr. Muñoz teams with clients to provide solutions that are technically sound, but also bring value.

representative projects
  • Obtained regulatory approval of remedial action plans, along with all supporting State and local permits, to address PCB-impacted sediment in a stormwater holding pond, and ephemeral stream and wetlands. Selected impacted sediments in the wetlands were removed. Others were covered with a geomembrane. A pipe was then installed over the membrane to convey stormwater through the area. Conveying stormwater in the pipe further reduced the risk associated with runoff potentiating entraining impacted sediment and depositing it over previously affected areas. The impacts associated with the remedial measures were offset by wetlands enhancements, including vernal pools.
  • Served as manager and client point of contact for a high-profile conformity assessment for client operations in Nigeria. The reputation and brand of the client had been affected due to its operational impacts upon the environment, living conditions, and economy of the local population. The issue received international attention from the media, NGOs, communities, and others. The assessment and transparent presentation of observations facilitated acceptance of findings by the stakeholders. The client used these findings to improve the systems, demonstrate its commitment to protecting the environment and local communities, and repair its brand reputation.
  • Directed remediation activities associated with the crash of a commercial jet in a residential setting. Worked closely with the client and public relations personnel to ensure that issues were promptly addressed and that timely and accurate information was provided to residents, property owners, and the public. The area was quickly remediated, converted to a park, and returned to the community.
  • Served as the client point of contact and manager for an assessment of radiological impacts to a combined sewer system in a major US city. An abandoned facility once processed radioactive Monazite sand. The radioactive sand was found in the combined sewer near the facility. Responsibilities included managing the team of professionals that developed and implemented an extensive list of safety plans, sampling plans, quality assurance/quality control documents, etc., as well as the final report presenting the results of the investigation. The client gave accolades for the execution of the project and resulting report, especially in light of the project’s high visibility, sensitivity, and aggressive schedule mandated by regulatory agencies.
  • A mercury release occurred in close proximity to an apartment building and numerous underground utilities that were a potential conduit for the migration of impacts. Responsibilities included working with teams of environmental and hygiene professionals to ensure protection of the environment and public health in accordance with the applicable regulations. Responsibilities also consisted of meeting with the regulators, supervising the preparation and implementation of site-specific plans, obtaining permits, approvals, etc. Working closely with the regulators facilitated meeting the project goals and quickly brought the Site to closure.