Thomas Biolsi, PG, LG

Principal Geologist


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Location: Burlington, MA

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Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup, and Redevelopment

Due Diligence

Vapor Intrusion

Soil Excavation and Management


BS, Earth Sciences/Geology - University of Maryland at College Park

Thomas Biolsi, PG, LG

Principal Geologist

Mr. Biolsi is a Professional Geologist with 25 years of environmental consulting experience including managing and performing Brownfields, due diligence, regulatory compliance, hazardous waste site assessment, and remediation projects. Mr. Biolsi is a Professional Geologist in New Hampshire and a Licensed Geologist in Maine. His expertise includes client and project management and direction of junior staff, in-depth knowledge of various field sampling and site investigative technologies, health and safety and construction oversight, regulatory report generation, due diligence services, compliance reviews, and budget tracking. Mr. Biolsi has completed numerous projects for a broad range of clients including regional planning agencies, numerous municipalities, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), United States Department of Defense, banks, insurance agencies, large and local developers, large corporations, and large energy companies.

representative projects
  • Due Diligence/Compliance: Mr. Biolsi has managed over a hundred due diligence projects in accordance with the ASTM standard and/or the USEPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry requirements. Mr. Biolsi is familiar with identifying environmental areas of concern, reviewing regulatory file information, interviewing appropriate personnel, reviewing facility documents for compliance with federal and state environmental laws and regulations, and providing recommendations for investigation.
  • Site Investigations: Mr. Biolsi has managed and/or assisted with numerous Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III site investigations for various federal, commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal sites. Mr. Biolsi has experience in managing field staff to efficiently complete investigative activities. Mr. Biolsi also has experience in developing sampling plans to investigate critical areas of concern, managing subcontractors, developing health and safety plans and quality assurance project plans, report generation, and budget tracking. He is experienced in managing various drilling methods, including hollow-stem auger, direct-push, air rotary, drive and wash, mud, and sonic (vibratory). Mr. Biolsi’s expertise extends to performing and managing soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, soil gas, and indoor air investigations/evaluations for a wide range of clients.
  • USEPA Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup, and Revolving Loan Fund: Mr. Biolsi is well-versed in managing assessment and cleanup projects on a wide range of commercial and industrial properties under the USEPA’s Brownfields programs since 2005. Mr. Biolsi has worked extensively with municipalities and state agencies, primarily in Massachusetts, and in New Hampshire and Vermont. Mr. Biolsi has a solid understanding of the USEPA’s requirements for work conducted under the USEPA’s Brownfield grant funding, and has helped entities leverage millions of dollars in public and private funding to transform underutilized properties back into productive use for their communities.
  • Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies: Mr. Biolsi is experienced with managing and performing remedial investigations and feasibility studies at petroleum and hazardous waste sites. Remedial alternatives have included soil excavations, underground storage tank removals, capping, in situ chemical oxidation, and groundwater monitoring/extraction systems. Mr. Biolsi’s remediation experience has included projects for various federal, state, and private-sector clients.
  • CERCLA/RCRA: Mr. Biolsi managed the review of technical documents generated by the Navy and/or Army Corps of Engineers’ contractors for CERCLA and RCRA activities conducted at dozens of sites across three islands in Puerto Rico and several in Massachusetts, including 1) Naval Activity Puerto Rico on the eastern portion of the island of Puerto Rico, Ceiba, PR; 2) Island of Vieques, PR; 3) Island of Culebra, PR; 4) Hingham Former Burning Ground site in Hingham, MA; and 5) Several sites on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Mr. Biolsi was responsible for directly coordinating with the environmental technical team and unexploded ordnance contractor, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (PRDNER), the USEPA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Navy, and the USACE, attending all technical committee meetings and conference calls, budget tracking, and providing monthly status updates.
  • A Pilot Study of Passive Diffusion Bag (PDB) Sampling in a Fractured Bedrock Environment by Thomas W. Biolsi, Steven G. Feldmann, and Barbara A. O’Grady, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., and Jeffery M. Dale, United States Navy, Engineering Field Activity Northeast, Naval Facilities Engineering Command.