Omar Ramotar, PE

Principal Engineer


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Location: Somerset, NJ

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Excavation and Dredging

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ME, Environmental Engineering - Manhattan College

BE, Environmental Engineering - Hofstra University

Omar Ramotar, PE

Principal Engineer

Mr. Ramotar is a registered Professional Engineer with over twenty-five years in providing engineering services for the investigation, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of remedial systems for the remediation of contaminated soil, sediment, and groundwater. He holds a ME in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College and BE in Environmental Engineering from Hofstra University. He is currently a Principal Engineer for Roux (1995-present) and Office Manager of Roux’s Somerset, New Jersey office. Mr. Ramotar’s main strength is managing and providing high-quality technical environmental support for a variety of clients that require strict adherence to aggressive budgets and project schedules. As such, Mr. Ramotar has been the Principal-in-Charge and/or Project Manager for many complex projects in New York and has extensive experience working with the NYSDEC.

representative projects
  • Project Manager and Principal-in-Charge for a multi-element (large-scale removal action [45,000 cubic yards of impacted materials excavated and consolidated on-site/disposed off-site], large-scale subsurface feature and UST removal action, and remediation and restoration of a 3.2-acre seasonal pond located in the Massapequa Preserve) remedial design of a USEPA Superfund Site in Nassau County, New York.
  • Project Manager and Principal-in-Charge for design of a natural wastewater treatment solution for a 3,000-acre new industrial complex in Saudi Arabia. Roux was tasked to design an Engineered Natural System (ENS) to treat all wastewaters (sanitary, process, and stormwater) from construction through operation, incorporate transitioning through phases, and plan for future expansion of the facility and increased wastewater flow rates. The 23-acre ENS was designed to treat a total flow of 1.4 million gallons per day. The major system components include: dump station with five truck hookup ports to collect and convey sanitary wastewater during construction of the facility; three primary sedimentation and anaerobic treatment tanks; one oil/water separator; six patented enhanced subsurface flow constructed treatment wetlands; two down flow disinfection filters; UV disinfection system; one treated water holding tank which conveys the treated water back to the facility for reuse within the refinery and as irrigation for landscaped areas; two infiltration basins; and six activated alumina treatment cells to remove fluoride from facility stormwater runoff.
  • Project Manager and Principal-in-Charge for the bidding, contractor selection, and remediation of the wetland and canal portions of a 440-acre tract in western Staten Island that was used as a Major Oil Storage Facility (MOSF) for petroleum products until the end of 1995. Responsible for the preparation of Remedial Action Work Plans, technical drawings, and 95% and 100% remedial design documents and for the remedial construction phase in accordance with the site-specific Consent Order issued by the NYSDEC.
  • Project Manager for the bidding, contractor selection, and remedial construction phase at a 40-acre former metals manufacturing facility in Staten Island under the NYSDEC Voluntary Cleanup Program. Responsible for overall construction management for dredging/stabilization and off-site disposal of approximately 7,000 cubic yards of metal-impacted sediments from a tidally influenced embayment area and creek system; off-site disposal of approximately 3,000 cubic yards of sediment; on-site consolidation of approximately 4,000 cubic yards of sediment; capping of fill material/bank stabilization; in-place abandonment of former water and sanitary sewer system; construction of an 8-acre asphalt cap; installation of new stormwater sewer system; and restoration and mitigation of approximately 2 acres of wetland areas disturbed by ongoing remedial activities.
  • Project Construction Manager for a NYCDEP storm and sanitary sewer construction project in Brooklyn, New York. Work included design and construction of approximately 690 linear feet of RCP storm sewer, approximately 725 feet of ductile iron sanitary sewer, 6 new house connection spurs, new sewer and sanitary manholes, and 12,000 square feet of asphalt removal and replacement.