Meredith Harris, PE, LSRP

Principal Engineer



Landfill Closure and Capping Projects

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BS, Civil & Environmental Engineering - Villanova University

Meredith Harris, PE, LSRP

Principal Engineer

Meredith is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in several states and Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) in New Jersey, with over twenty-five years of engineering and consulting experience. She holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Villanova University. Meredith’s experience includes engineering design, permitting, reporting, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M) for environmental remediation projects with an emphasis on landfill closure and capping projects, stormwater design, civil construction, wetlands and coastal zone permitting and mitigation, constructed treatment wetlands, and phytoremediation. Meredith has worked on State and Federal agency-led projects across the country, with significant experience in New Jersey.

representative projects

Former Roofing Shingle Manufacturing and R&D Facility – Somerset County, New Jersey: Provide remedial investigation, engineering design, permitting, ecological risk assessment, construction support and Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) services to achieve Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) closure of a former manufacturing and R&D facility along the Delaware & Raritan Canal. Project includes bank stabilization, excavation, and capping to address historic fill, roofing tiles, and asbestos-containing material under the Site. Due to the Site’s location along the Delaware & Raritan Canal, permits and approvals are being sought from numerous agencies including United States Army Corps of Engineers, the NJDEP Division of Land Use Regulation for state open water and flood hazard area impacts, the State Historic Preservation Office, the NJDEP Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste, and the Delaware & Raritan Canal Commission.


Former Carbon Black Manufacturing Facility – Camden County, New Jersey: Provided remedial investigation, engineering design, permitting, construction management, and O&M to support achieve Industrial Site Recovery Act closure of a former carbon black manufacturing facility and to facilitate redevelopment as a solar field. Remediation included bank stabilization, excavation, and capping of contaminated soils associated with numerous underground storage tanks and historic fill. Due to the Site’s location along the Cooper River, coastal zone and wetlands permits were required to perform the work. Provided property transfer/due diligence support, permitting, and environmental consulting to facilitate redevelopment of the Site as a solar field. Continuing to provide ongoing LSRP, O&M, and agency reporting for engineering and institutional controls in place at the Site.


Former Manufacturing Site – Middlesex County, New Jersey: Provide remedial investigation, engineering design, permitting, and ecological risk assessment support achieve Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) closure of a former manufacturing facility that housed a variety of operations including aluminum smelting, detinning, and detergency products. Remedial activities include investigation to characterize an on-site waste lagoon system, various waste deposits, and historic fill. An in-depth ecological risk assessment is being conducted to address multiple contaminants in a variety of habitats including freshwater, tidal, forested, and wetlands areas. Due to the Site’s location along the Woodbridge Creek, coastal zone and wetlands permits are required to perform site work. The Site remedy is expected to include lagoon stabilization, excavation, capping, and possible wetland and habitat mitigation.


 Former China Manufacturing Facility – Syracuse, New York: Provided investigation, engineering design, permitting, wetlands mitigation, regulatory negotiations, construction management, reporting, and O&M to support closure and reclassification of a State Superfund Site. The project included remediation and reconstruction of a wastewater settling pond system, large-scale waste consolidation, and landfill capping with a RCRA-compliant cap. Administered detailed QA/QC program for imported fill and geomembrane liner during construction. Regulatory negotiations resulted in significant savings for reduced investigation scope, reduced cap thickness, and elimination of an active groundwater interceptor/treatment system.


Superfund Site – Logan Township, New Jersey: Provided investigation, engineering design, permitting, construction management, reporting, and O&M for a 20-acre alternative cap at a former waste oil lagoon Superfund site. Engineering design included imported fill and grading to create positive drainage and 15,000 hybrid poplar phytoremediation plantings to minimize infiltration and depress the groundwater table. The phyto cap resulted in millions of dollars of savings over the RCRA-compliant cap alternative, and was moved up in the project schedule by five years to consumptively use groundwater in preparation of treatment system installation. After three years, the phyto plantings were approximately 30 to 40 feet tall and monitoring well groundwater level monitoring indicated that the trees were having a dramatic impact on the groundwater table and recovery following storm events.


Stormwater Treatment Constructed Wetland – Portsmouth, Virginia: Design and construction management for an engineered treatment wetlands system at a manufacturing facility in Virginia. The facility was under a Consent Order requiring improved treatment of stormwater and non-contact cooling water to meet the requirements of the discharge permit. Site stormwater contained elevated concentrations of zinc. The constructed treatment wetlands system design was retrofitted into existing lagoons for cost savings and also served as a cap for the previous lagoon system sludges. Following completion of the constructed wetland construction, developed an O&M manual and provided operator training and start-up assistance. The constructed wetland system reduced zinc concentrations in stormwater by more than 80%.

  • East Cape May Associates v. State of NJ DEP; Civil Action Docket No. CPM L 1217-02. Represent Concerned Citizens for Sewell Tract Preservation acting as Plaintiff-Intervenor. Expert Report, case is ongoing.

  • Tracy Tomlinson v. James Hands et al; Civil Action Docket No. CUM-L-800-14. Expert Report, settled prior to trial.