Emily Goswami, MS, CIH

Technical Director


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Phone: (415) 967-6000

Email: egoswami@rouxinc.com

Location: Oakland, CA

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Environmental and Occupational Exposure Assessment

Human Health Risk Assessment

Toxic Tort Evaluations

Consumer Product Stewardship

California’s Proposition 65 Evaluations

Indoor Air Quality

Exposure Reconstruction

Expert Witness Work


MS, Environmental Health, University of Washington

BA, Environmental Science, University of California at Berkeley

Emily Goswami, MS, CIH

Technical Director

Ms. Goswami is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with over twenty years of experience in assessing exposures and potential health risks to chemicals and agents in the environment, workplace, and consumer products. She has served as technical lead and expert on numerous projects including toxic tort evaluations, consumer product stewardship, and indoor air quality. These projects have included a variety of chemicals and agents including asbestos, mold, lead, other metals, phthalates, benzene, volatile organic chemicals, and more. She has also designed and conducted exposure reconstruction studies to evaluate exposures to current and historical products. Ms. Goswami has served as an expert witness in industrial hygiene in litigation matters. She also is committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in science.

representative projects
  • Product Liability Litigation: Testified as expert in class action litigation related to alleged mold and odors associated with consumer products. Conducted extensive laboratory testing and on-site investigation of named plaintiff’s home. Validated odor assessment method by comparing analyses of air samples with results of a consumer panel.
  • Complex Solvent Exposure Calculator: Developed exposure calculator tool for a consortium of global manufacturers so that each manufacturer can enter their product’s specific parameters and determine the theoretical consumer exposure levels to solvents in finished products based on multiple use scenarios which included dermal, inhalation, and ingestion pathways. Each manufacturer was able to quickly determine the margins of safety for their products to determine whether they need to be reformulated.
  • Occupational Mercury Investigation: Designed and conducted occupational exposure investigation of mercury vapors from development of product prototype. Worked quickly to evaluate exposures, identify sources and levels of mercury in numerous product components, and worked with the client to explain potential exposures to workers and the risk levels in a manner that is easy to disseminate to exposed workers.
  • Asbestos Exposure Assessments: Reviewed hundreds of asbestos litigation matters to evaluate historic exposures to asbestos during various types of occupational tasks to evaluate potential risks.
  • State of West Virginia v. Mine Safety Appliances Company, et al. Circuit Court of Lincoln County, West Virginia. Deposition 2022.

  • Maureen Huffman et al. v. Electrolux North America Inc., et al. U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio. Expert report in 2014. Deposition January 6, 2015.

  • Willis et al. vs. City of Sacramento. Sacramento County Superior Court. Expert report 2018.

  • Benson P, Goswami E, McCoy MJ. 2021. The Dose Makes the Poison: Incorporating the Concepts of Exposure and Dose into Your Witness Questioning Strategy. DRI Toxic Torts and Environmental Law, Newsletter. Volume 23, Issue 1.

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